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Art by Whimsical Squirrel on FurAffinity. See gallery.
Maurice is a gigantic figure in the junkyard, standing at an incredible 10 feet tall. He is a scrawny, scruffy rat with thick, matted fur and known for having ungodly bad breath. If you are brave enough to touch his filthy fur, you will find it's actually quite soft and very tempting to cuddle him.

Despite his rather intimidating appearance, Maurice is a rather complex individual. He is grumpy, brooding, and aloof, often choosing to keep to himself in his makeshift home, surrounded by piles of discarded junk.

He rarely speaks, preferring instead to communicate with grunts and growls, as if words are too much of a bother for him. However, for those few folks that Maurice trusts (and those who can stand the smell), he is a loving and loyal friend, always ready to lend a hand or an ear to listen.He may be gruff on the outside, but on the inside, he is a gentle giant who just wants to be loved and appreciated.

Maurice's greatest asset is his height, which he uses to his advantage in building things. He can easily reach high shelves and work on structures that others would find impossible to reach. His talent for building and fixing things has made him a valuable asset to the junkyard, and many of the other animals in the area come to him for help with their own projects.

Overall, Maurice is a complex character with a rough exterior that hides a soft, loving heart. He may be grumpy and aloof at times, but those who take the time to get to know him will discover
a true friend and a talented engineer.


Art by Cedar Wolf on FurAffinity. See gallery.
is a chilled out, easy going hare. Almost the polar opposite of Maurice. He is happy, optimistic and loves talking to people and making new friends.He spends a lot of his time out in the countryside looking for food but also likes to use that time to relax and meditate.

His bond with Maurice is very strong, despite their differences. He helps keep Maurice motivated and Maurice helps Hazel stay grounded in reality He is one of the few creatures that Maurice has a genuine love for. Perhaps the only creature.

By far Hazel's most strong attribute is his affectionate and friendly demeanor. He's always happy to help people out and offer his large, warm body as a cosy sanctuary for anyone who may need it. Whenever Maurice is feeling lonely or depressed, this hare is always there for him.

In his spare time he does like to make use of the special mushrooms he finds in the forest and likes to play his soothing music. He believes it helps him see the true reality of nature and he uses it as a vital tool in his many meditation sessions. He is truly at one with the natural world.

Hazel is the more approachable of the two. He's very extroverted and you'll find him very easy to get along with. This can also work against him as he can sometimes be very naive. Although Maurice, being overly cynical can usually help ground him in reality when needed.
His love of music is very apparent. You can usually hear him singing at the top of his lungs deep in the woods. You'll probably hear him before you see him. Luckily, he sings beautifully with a melodic and soft voice. Usually singing folk songs or something he has written himself. His instrument of choice is the lute. He likes it for its simplistic and romantic quality.
Speaking of romance, he is indeed quite the romantic.
He's very quick to offer his affections and has no problem making others feel loved and appreciated.