Art by Kitsooki
Banner art by Kitsooki on Furaffinity
Greetings, My name is Maurice and this is my partner, Hazel!
...good morning
You'll have to forgive him. He doesnt like being woken up.
Together we travel in time and space collecting technology
and documenting interesting things we find.

It's far out, man.

Hazel's a big, cuddly, nature loving hare...
He smells a bit but I still love him!
... wow ... no need to hastle me, man.
Sorry, couldnt resist.I love you really!
Awww. I love you too

Art by Kitsooki
Why does this look like the 90s?

A brief (out of character) statement on the absolute state of the modern internet and why I made this site.

You may be asking yourself why this site looks like something from the 90s. Well, it's really quite simple. Do you ever feel like the internet just isn't what it used to be? Everything feels so bland. The web today is full of sites that are packed to the brim with fancy scripts to mask the lack of content available on them. Not to mention the amount of data they collect on you.

Everyone uses the same Wordpress templates making every site look the same and thus making everything feel completely devoid of personality. The internet is now run by a handful of massive companies and their only interest is sucking your attention span, harvesting your data and keeping you addicted to repetitive and sterile feeling platforms.

Long gone are the days when each internet user was a hobbyist and had their own unique place and identity on the web. At the time of creating this site, I am 24 years of age. I missed out on the supposed "golden age" of the internet. This is my place online that is not owned by any social media company. This site exists purely for the fun of it. No profit is being generated, and the design is something entirely of my own making.

I encourage anyone reading this to have a go at making their own site from scratch. It's a lot of fun and is a small step towards a more free and decentralised internet.

-Site Creator

Reject Wordpress. Return to Geocities!

[Sam assisting with site admin duties ... it's okay, he's a friendly cat who wont eat me]