This is where I talk about my little ratties!

"Maurice's Rats"

Maurice and Edgar
This is where i'll be talking about my rats. Page under (constant) construction

Still getting used to me 20/10/2022
Both of the ratties have had a few weeks to settle in. Its surprising how much they have learned in a short space of time. Initially they were both very reserved, rarely leaving their little safe space at the corner of the cage.
As time went on they slowly started coming out of their shells In this time I have been able to get to know their personalities.

Edgar is definitly the more outgoing one. Almost any time anyone approaches the cage he is immidiately up and giving them a good sniff. Maurice is the more quiet one. He takes a bit more time to get used to people however he is also the more friendly one. He will usually let you touch him wheras Edgar gets very jumpy at the prospect of being petted.

Yesterday Maurice took his first step out of the cage and had a good climb on my sholders while Edgar decided to make a break for it and climb to the top of the cage where I had to do an emergency grab which he didnt much appreciate. Will write some more as they progress but for now heres a cute little video.

Maurice and Edgar sniffing the morning air. October 20th 2022.
Adorable! I want to pet them both