Ekco A144 Restoaration (Work in Progress)

Ekco A144 Restoration Progress (ongoing)
A few weeks ago I came into posession of an Ekco A144 valve radio set. Not my first restoration but I felt like taking it on as another project.

When I first recieved the unit it was completely dead so my first task it to get the high voltage working.

Turned out this was relatively easy. Just a faulty UY41 rectifier valve and some bad filter caps.

I swapped out the UY41 for a new one and I clipped in some new capacitors just for testing.

Hey presto! I got high voltage. Although at the moment there is still no signs of life.

My next job is to replace some of the coupling capacitors as they are of the old wax kind and look as if they have been getting hot and turned into resistors.

(Work is still in progress and I will update this page when I can)

Cool, cant wait to hear it running!